Playgroup Themes

Lights, Colour, Action! takes you and your child on a journey of exploration as we look at the many colours in the world around us. Dance with colourful ribbons, bounce on mum’s knee, play a variety of instruments (home-made are fun too!), as we sing songs such as “Orange is a carrot”, the “Old MacDonald Hop”, “Colour Me”, “Love and Kisses” and so much more.”

“Singing in the Rain” encourages children to explore the wonder of the weather in the world around us. From catching snowflakes in our mouths, to making thunder and hail, to floating like a breezy cloud in the sky, there are many activities involving play, movement, singing and dancing, that will engage babies through to 6 year olds.

“Growing GREEN is an exploration of our living back yard environments. Children of all ages will enjoy moving, singing, dancing and playing to over 20 songs including “Little green frog”, “The good food song”, “I go up the apple tree”, folk dances, “Beehive bumbles” and “Bouncing teddy bear.” Your little one will also love the massage rhymes, tickles and cuddles.


Welcome aboard our spaceship as we zoom into space, exploring the stars, the moon and the galaxies that make our imaginations go wild. Including classics such as “Hey Diddle Diddle” and “Aiken Drum”, along with the fun-loving “Sally Go Round The Sun”, “Mister Sun”, “There Was A Man Lived In the Moon”, and so many more, parents and children will love every moment. Melt-in-your-heart moments occur during “My Angel” and “Shining Star”, where each child is guaranteed to feel loved and special. Come on a journey “Out Of This World” with us!

Fish ‘n’ Cheeps focuses on the diversity of creatures of the sea and the air. Musical games – Shoo Turkey, Walter Walter Wagtail and Going Over The Sea – will delight and engage both children and adults alike. Classics such as Row Row, Six Little Ducks, The Bird Dance and A Sailor Went To Sea Sea Sea will encourage immediate participation and learning. Two Talking Toucans, Eight Arms and Two Little Blackbirds are action rhymes that build on finger independence and fine motor skills. Experience loving, fun learning through Fish ‘n’ Cheeps.

All Of My Friends Have Fur is a celebration of the animal kingdom—with songs about farm animals, dogs and cats, monkeys and elephants and more. Classics such as Heigh Di Ho, Five Little Monkeys and Old MacDonald will encourage immediate participation and learning. Dance to Moo, Baa, La La La, learn a West Indian song called Tinga Layo and bounce along to Riding On A Pony. Shoe A Little Horse is sure to bring giggles and cuddles. Each song and activity encourages holistic learning through social games, physical activities, simple singable lyrics and emotional togetherness.

Miracle ME! is a celebration of the amazing bodies that we’ve been created with.

Children of all ages will enjoy moving, singing, dancing and playing to 20 songs including “My God is Good”, “Head and shoulders”, Boanopstekker, the “Hokey Pokey”, “Special Me” (Twinkle twinkle), I’ll love you forever and more.

Come join our One Big Family exploration of music around the world. Chant African call and response songs, tap to the Big Clocks of Germany, snuggle to an Australian Aboriginal lullaby, pretend to be a French puppet, sing a silly song in Morocco and learn the steps to an Israeli dance. Though we are each from different cultures around the world, music draws us together through a shared love and understanding of rhythm, melody and movement.

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