Playful Worship. Loving experiences through music.

“I am passionate about creating musical opportunities for young children, but my heart soars when music can be used for the purposes of Jesus.” – Kylie

Playful Worship, and Playful Worship 2, each contain:

  • over 60 songs
  • 12 memory verse songs
  • suggested activities for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and kids
  • CDs including all the songs and backing tracks where required
  • templates for craft suggestions, puppets and more
  • four quarterly program suggestions for 0-3 year olds

The songs are simple, the recordings fresh, the ideas are for a variety of ages, and the messages are age-appropriate for young children – each child is special, wonderfully made and loved by God. Included are many songs that can be used with a variety of Bible stories, along with songs for memory verses.

For teachers who like to follow detailed programs, there are four complete program suggestions at the back of the resource for 0-3 year olds. For those who like to be creative, just go ahead and build your own program!

Your child experiences their first glimpse of Jesus through YOU – mum, dad, Grandma or Grandpa! Involvement is key. Playful Worship equips you with both fun and bonding activities as you worship Jesus together – at home and at church.

SMILES curriculum of learning

As an early childhood music teacher, I also could not resist the opportunity to use songs in a way which will not only enrich your child’s musical learning, but their social, physical, intellectual, language, emotional and spiritual development. That is the beauty of music! It is the one activity that impacts whole-child development. You will find a scattering of comments throughout the pages of Playful Worship that deal with teaching issues and learning processes.