The power of the circle

Circles of Love, God’s template of design

God’s love is seen in all creation – nature is built and designed on the template that GOD IS LOVE – in His absolute essence.  God’s love is giving and other-centred. Self-less giving is a cornerstone of God’s love. Through nature, we can see that the law of love is the law of life. Let’s see how the circle of love works.


The oceans give their waters to the clouds, which rain over the land, giving their waters to form lakes and rivers and so the cycle continues.

Breath of life

In ever breath we demonstrate giving. We give away carbon dioxide to the plants, the plants give oxygen back to us. Imagine if you decided you didn’t want to be a part of the circle of giving and put a plastic bag over your head. When you break the circle of giving, death results.

In every living system, if the system is to be healthy, it must not be broken. This is the blue-print on which creation and humanity was designed to operate. A circle of self-less giving. It is a circle of love.

When I come to church I see possibilities. I see the possibilities of love and self-less giving, of friendship, of opportunities to build trust and relationships where we give and receive. But more often than not, I see the back of people’s heads. And no-where does this sadden me more than in our children’s worship programs – especially for our little ones. Why?

Firstly, because so often parents are the observers in their child’s worship programs. However, ideally, worship programs should provide an opportunity for parents, to physically demonstrate God’s love in a tangible, hands-one and meaningful way. One on one – parent and child.

Secondly, we need each other. As you’ve heard, “it takes a village to raise a child”, parents also need the love, friendship and support of each other. Being a mum can be a very new, and sometimes, lonely experience, and loving community is needed.

I believe that we would reap the benefits of God’s template – the circle of love – by physically creating circles of love in our gatherings. Playful Music programs are an easy place to start. Here are some other benefits of being in circle formation with your child and other parents:

  • Circles help us communicate. We look each other in the eye, we see each other’s expressions.
  • Circles represent a place of equality. The barrier of hierarchy is removed. We are all in this together!
  • Circles create a safe boundary for run-away children! This can work especially well in large groups, and can create intimacy in smaller groups.
  • Circles allow us to model. Your child can see every adult in the circle participating and learn through observation as well as participation
  • Circles are relaxed and fun. We all learn better when we are having fun.
  • Circles build community and connection with each other. Each child is important. Each parent is important too.
  • Finally, on a very practical level, circles make it efficient to pop things away!

The power of the circle continues to inspire Playful Worship. 

6 good reasons to get down on the floor with the children!

Circles help us communicate – we can see each other’s faces

Circles remove hierarchy – we are all in this together

Circles create a safe boundary

Circles are great for modelling – the children watch and learn from other adults and children

Circles are relaxed and fun – we all learn better when we are having fun

Circles build community and connection with each other