My son, William, and I  look forward to PLAYful Worship each week. I love your interactive approach and your focus on music. It is such a pleasure to participate so closely with my son,rather than sitting back and watching him. In particular, I want to thank you for the CD of the songs that we can use at home. We listen to it all week long and it really makes class that much more engaging having listened to the songs during the week. I like that you have a mix of new songs and some old favourites that I remember from when I went to church.Kate, mother of two and a half year old son
I love the active involvement – it means my daughter gets lots of attention and I have a purpose – not just watching.Mum of 3 year old girl
I love our class. From the first song, I could seethis class was different from anything we’d experienced before.I liked that the children were drawn into interacting with each other (such as rolling the ball while singing our welcome song). At the same time, adults are encouraged to learn names and interact both with the children and each other. I love that each song is positive and encourages toddlers to play and look to their parents for support. They aren’t expected to just “figure it out” as in so many other classes. In short, this is an amazing class.Kristin, mother of a two-year-old daughter
Our little family has had Playful worship for two months and every song we have played has become a favourite! All those songs are just brilliant. Rumble in the jungle is lots of fun. My kids hop on the rocking horse during the clip clop song and enjoy riding the ‘donkey’! We look forward to exploring all the others songs too!Lisa, Meekatharra, WA
Love the bonding that you can having with you child, and the floor time.Alysia, mum of a two year old daughter
We introduced the “Samuel” song in beginners class yesterday and the kids loved it! They were so cute acting out little Samuel, pretending to be asleep and then jumping out of bed when they heard God’s voice calling them. The kids love all the songs we’re singing from your songbook. They are engaged, enthusiastic and having fun learning about Jesus. Thank you for giving us a unique opportunity to share Jesus’ love with little people.Alicia, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
I love having my child sitting on my knee. It’s great having a “safe base” for them to return to rather than trying to get them back in a chair.Father of a one-year-old boy
We play our PLAYful Worship CD in the car. My daughter enjoys the actions to the songs, and the music is a lot nicer than the stuff on the radio. I like it when sharing Jesus is so fun!Renee, mother of a three- and a one-year-old girl

Comments from teachers:

Playful Worship is different. It reminds me of best-teaching-practise. It’s one-on-one. One parent. One child. Based on physical interaction like cuddling, every little one is guided and refocused by mum or dad. Chair-sitting is not expected. Toddlers don’t sit! They roam. They investigate. They touch. Songs are selected to promote movement. Examples include, waving wrist ribbons, shaking instruments, floating see-through scarves, catching bubbles, and holding onto the rainbow ring in large circle activities. Parents enjoy sinking into over-stuffed floor-cushions, right beside their children.

One mum tells me they sing-a-long with the CD all week. Her daughter, Elise, says ‘Bible’ referring to Sabbath School. And I notice more people come on time, even early like Gavin (not yet two years old). He hurries his mum on Sabbath mornings. She says he doesn’t want to miss a thing! – Loma Linda, California, USA

We have followed the Playful Worship programs since May this year and it is a big hit with our Beginner Sabbath School Class. The Kindergarden kids even peek through the windows when they hear the music! – Solomon Islands

Crowd control seems far less problematic when parents join with the children instead of talking up the back. – Wallsend, Australia

I love the action songs involving parents like “clip clop” – the kids seem to really respond to these.

I have found the new circle format far less intimidating in terms of getting volunteers to help with teaching. In the circle format as if feels like parents are just as involved as the leader. – Wallsend, Australia

Playful Worship has successfully been implemented at our church in four Sabbath School classes ranging from infant to 4 years old. Our children adore the program with squeals of delight! My parents love the program as much as the children too! It is highly interactive with fun, creative ways to learn and explore the Bible. Playful Worship has opened up a whole new and exciting way to learn and teach. – Loma Linda Church, USA.