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Our passion is equipping leaders with resources that are simple, family-friendly, affordable and accessible. We want all children to be able to receive the benefits of having quality music activities in their lives.

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Did you know that singing, moving and playing to music during your child’s early years will give your child a head start? During these formative years when the brain is highly active, music is a powerful “superfood” that will stimulate your child’s growth and development. Purposeful musical activities enrich a child’s social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual development, beginning in the very first days of a child’s life. When we make music we create S-M-I-L-E-S!

Playful Music’s activities and songs are each aligned with the Australian early childhood framework of learning.  Each activity is designed to engage both parents and children, create fun, memorable moments and to install in the hearts of the children that they are amazingly special, wonderfully made and loved.

Playful Music builds the confidence of playgroup leaders in using music. Incorporating books, instruments, puppets, rainbow rings, scarves and more, your playgroup will come alive with colour and action.

PLAYGROUPS using Playful Music are led by people who love music, love children and want to share the joy of life and learning with others.