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G’day, my name is Kylie Stacey. I am thankful to have a job that feels like play. My passion is teaching and creating play-filled musical experiences that all children can benefit from, regardless of social or economic status.  I believe that music is a gift every person is born with and deserves to experience.

My journey involves classroom teaching, over 20 years of piano teaching, song writing, recording, directing early childhood classes, publishing music, running music workshops in Nepal, Fiji, Cambodia, the Solomon Islands, United States of America, New Zealand and in my home-land, Australia.

I am deeply thankful for each opportunity that comes into my life, and to God for helping me to navigate the journey with my husband and four precious boys.

“Everyone gets the chance to be a lifetime musician”

Every young child deserves to have access to fun and loving musical experiences. 

Playful Music was created with this goal in mind. Playful Music is accessible, inclusive and affordable.

Wholistic learning takes place when we create loving experiences through music.


Resources are all provided online so they are accessible to you instantly 24/7. Simple. Easy. Fun.


We don’t want anybody to miss out. From as little as $3.84 per week.


Playful Music is inclusive of children from the time they are born to the time they enter “big school.” 

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