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Perfect for playgroups. Playful Music is simple, accessible 24/7, family friendly and affordable.

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About Kylie

Hi, my name is Kylie Stacey. I am blessed to have a job that feels like PLAY. My passion is creating quality PLAY-filled musical experiences that ALL children can benefit from, regardless of social or economic status.  I believe that music is a gift we are each born with – an innate language – and as such, we all have a need and a right to grow from meaningful musical experiences. We need to practice “speaking” the language of our hearts.

How Playful Music can benefit your child or playgroup…

Early childhood music has incredible benefits for babies, toddlers and young children. When a child is between the age of 0 and 5, the brain is highly active – it is actually the most active during this period in a child’s entire life! Because music impacts a child’s whole learning, they grow socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, creatively and in our groups, even spiritually – we love to emphasise how each child is incredibly special and wonderfully made.


What Our Families are Saying

I am personally so grateful for Kylie’s playgroup program. Her website has so much fun and creative material and is easy to use. It totally takes the stress out of running music in our local community playgroup leaving me the fun bit which is just how I like it! My own kids and their friends in our playgroup love the interactive, playful songs. Not only does the program offer children a great introduction in developing music skills but also helps to create a bond between them and their parents. I’m a big fan of you and your work Kylie.. thank you!

Melissa Otto

“My son, who has enjoyed the music groups since a baby, is loving his new group. I can see his understanding of basic musical concepts developing, while he has fun singing & playing, both during the class & at home.”


“Playful Music is a program which brings joy through music and learning. The children respond to the music with enthusiasm. Their curiosity is engaged with the instruments, as well as the ideas each them introduces. We have had such fun at our Discover and Play group watching the interactions between the children and the adults. Playful music really encourages the relationships and makes everyone smile.”

Andrea P

At playgroup today we danced, tapped and shook along with “Moo baa la la la”, “Bingo” and “Shake your egg egg egg”. The children were looking forward to this new segment of our program before we started, and then participated enthusiastically, so I’m very excited about using this resource!

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