Tactile rings made to order


Tactile rings are huge circular scrunchies made from fabrics of different interesting textures with stretchy shock cord enclosed. They are especially helpful for children with special needs who could benefit from the experience of handling different textures.  Like Rainbow Rings, Tactile Rings are great for organising children into circles or for providing a boundary. They can be used for endless activities and games, limited only by your imagination. Getting children working co-operatively, moving in circles, backwards and forward, up and down, in and out or passing one to another are made fun and easy with a Tactile Ring. A four metre ring is suitable for small groups of 3-5 children. Other sizes can be made to order.

Watch this short video on rainbow rings.

Orders need to be made direct with the supplier. Please contact Dee Dee Designs on adalton18 @gmail.com for a quote, inclusive of postage to your area. Overseas orders welcome.

Tacticle rings range from 4 – 12 metres in length. Price guide is as follows:

4 metres approximately $100


Other sizes can be made to order also.




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