When we share ideas, we learn from each other’s wisdom and passion, creating a wholistic experience for the children we love.

Playful Worship is an interactive worship resource for 0 to 7 year olds that gives families tools to worship and play together to create loving experiences through music. It includes old and new songs, actions and activites, Bible verses, stories and fun. The Playful Worship book also comes with two music resource discs to make it easy to use and enjoy Playful Worship at home, in the car or in groups. Perfect for home, school or church. Shop here.

Download the printable LYRICS for Playful Worship and Playful Worship 2.

Playful Worship A4 International or US letter

Playful Worship 2 A4 International or US letter

Visit our shop to select from a variety of simple, cost effective, high-quality and child-friendly products that will enhance your Playful Worship experience.

Flip Charts

Now available for your local churches for your Beginner and Kindergarten Sabbath School rooms. These flip charts follow the GraceLink Sabbath School Lessons and are a valuable learning tool for every Sabbath School room. Each page includes a picture, memory verse and message point. If you want to buy these they are available from select Adventist Book Centres or contact us.

Godly Play engages children in Bible stories through the use of simple props and objects, encourages questions and open discussion, with a time of response using a selection of materials for expression.

Make your own ocean drum – cheap, great noise and plenty of fun!

What you need: plastic disposable plates (colourful are great), dried beans or rice, colourful sticky tape (the tough sort).

How to: place a handful of beans or rice inside one plate, lay other plate on top and sticky tap together with little tabs on the side. So easy!

Ocean Drums hand made

This ukulele wall hanger can be made for under $30 or less, and will hold many ukuleles. So easy to make and looks great when hung on the wall.