Loving experiences through music

Every young child should have access to quality early childhood musical experiences. Click here to find out why. 

Playful Music was created with this goal in mind. Playful Music is simple to use, accessible 24/7 onlinefamily friendly and affordable.

Wholistic learning takes place when we create loving experiences through music.

We know that parents, teachers and leaders are busy people, so we have designed our programs to be as simple as possible for you to use. Resources are all provided online so they are accessible to you instantly 24/7. Simple. Easy. Fun.
Our music activities are designed to be family friendly; inclusive of children from the time they are born to the time they enter “big school.” Life is experienced as a family – as a community of people from all walks, ages and stages— learning and growing from interactions with each other. Young children will learn by watching the older children. Older children will enjoy leading the younger children. Babies can be bounced, cuddled and rocked. Young kids will wiggle. Older children will learn to follow specific directions. Each precious person will absorb and learn from the true-to-life experience – living and learning in community.
It is our passion at Playful Music music is affordable for schools, playgroups and the parents at home – our mission is that children from all walks of life can reap the benefits of quality music activities. Our prices are highly competitive with other music programs – we don’t want anybody to miss out on creating beautiful memories. From as little as $3.84 per week.
Music has incredible benefits for young children. When a child is between the age of 0 and 3, the brain is highly active – it is actually the most active during this period in a child’s entire life! Because music impacts a child’s whole learning, they grow socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, creatively and in our groups, even spiritually – we love to talk about how each child is incredibly special and wonderfully made.

The songs, activities and programs have been developed by an early music childhood teacher, designed to engage both parents and children, to create fun, memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

Our SMILES curriculum ensures that children receive the best learning possible from the program.


You will experience songs, rhymes and musical activities that focus on the wonder of the world around us. Our programs encourage respect for our world, and instil in the hearts of parents and children that they are incredibly special, wonderfully made and loved.

The expression of love is the heart behind Playful Music. You are considering using music with children—why? Because you want the absolute best for them. You LOVE them! Perhaps you are considering starting a playgroup of your own because you love children, you love music and you want to share the love that is planted in your heart for others. Without love at the core of our motivation, we are simply “resounding gongs” or “clanging cymbals” – quite apt descriptions in this case!

At the heart of every core human being, is the need to be loved. Each music time provides opportunity to build friendships and genuine loving relationships with other parents in your community.

Each music time also provides opportunities to get cuddly and snuggly with your precious child. From massage rhymes, cuddle songs and activities where you touch and interact with each other, you will build lasting memories, filling your child’s love-tank for today and the future.